Far North

About Us

Our 240 member branch works on a range of restoration projects that are greening the Far North. Planting, bird-translocation , weed clearance, pest-busting and nursery management are just some of the activities that keep our members busy.

We also manage two local reserves : Matthews and Arethusa which includes a 6 bunk lodge: Arethusa Lodge.



Trips and Events 

We host occasional local trips to natural wonders, as well as talks by field experts and conservation professionals.


Major Projects

In association with other local conservation groups, we run a number of projects to restore the natural habitat of the forestland in the Far North. One of our major projects is to restore one of NZ’s most biologically rich forestlands: Puketi forest.


Up Close: We Love Marine Reserves

The tropical currents lapping the Far-North means that our seas are home to a colourful-array of species. Explorer and ecologist, Jacques Cousteau described the marine-life as one of the best temperate diving spots in the world. We hope to keep our seas fish-rich by supporting local marine reserves.