About Us

Kowhai Flower - Phillip Moll

Our branch covers the Wairarapa Valley, from the Tararua/Rimutaka ranges to the coast.

We currently have 251 Forest and Bird members and 61 kid's club members. If you would like to know more about the Wairarapa branch please contact Peta Campbell on:

06 3774882

Current Projects

Photo: Peta CampbellFensham Reserve

We have been working at Fensham Reserve, a 48ha reserve 3kms west of Carterton, since 1978.


Rengarenga Project

Approximately 600m along the coast North from the Cape Palliser lighthouse is one of only two areas  in the Wairarapa where the native lily (rengarenga) grows wild.


Millennium Reserve

This reserve is 5.5ha of restored wetland, on the corner of Pownall and Hillcrest Streets, where development and maintenance has been supported and worked on by Forest & Bird members.


Get Involved

Phoho: Peta CampbellEvery Tuesday a group of volunteers work on Fensham Reserve, a 48ha reserve 3kms west of Carterton, doing weed and pest control (trapping), planting natives, and maintaining walking tracks.



Current Issues

Degradation of waterways is an important issue in the Wairarapa.

The health and limited biodiversity in Wairarapa Moana are of serious concern. Rivers and streams are affected by farming stock and run off, by water use and by township sewage schemes.