Little Penguins: Planting Projects

Penguins nest in a variety of coastal habitats, but the type of habitat available may influence nest construction and success. 

Because of this, it’s important they have access to areas of beaches with natural vegetation that provide good cover.

On Wellington’s South coast, volunteers have planted over 5,000 native plants such as wiwi, muelanbeckia, and taupata in the past four years.

A number of planting projects are going on around the country to establish penguin habitat.

These include those in Wellington sponsored by Forest & Bird, the Wellington Zoo, and the council and neighbourhood associations, and a number of projects on the South Island sponsored by the West Coast Penguin Trust.

Planting projects like this encourage a wide range of species to colonise the area. They increase plant diversity, repair dune systems and help prevent erosion, which in turn benefits skinks, oyster catchers, and other coastal birds.