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Pollution means many of the swimming holes where we once swam and played are no longer safe.  It also means that three-quarters of our native freshwater species are in danger of extinction.  With your help, future generations can enjoy our freshwater, the way you did.   

Support our appeal to fight for fresh water

Penguins once had a safe home in New Zealand. But today they are in crisis with five of our six species now classified as threatened. The threats are many. Penguins can be caught and killed in fishing nets and have to compete with fishers for a depleted supply of fish. And that’s just at sea.

Please protect a penguin today – your gift will help ensure they always have a safe home.

Our natural heritage, held in public parks and reserves, is being turned over to developers for private gain. When habitats are destroyed, plants and animals you won’t find anywhere else in the world have a very real chance of being lost forever.

Support our appeal so that nature’s voice is heard in 2017

New Zealand has a unique and diverse range of seabirds and marine mammals, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Together we must protect what we have for now and for future generations continuing to push for safer fishing practices.

Support our appeal to save our seas.

Who is defending nature? We are. Forest & Bird is New Zealand’s leading independent conservation organisation and have the freedom, expertise, passion and community-support to protect our unique natural environment. But we can't do it alone, nature needs your support. Help us to help nature.

Support our appeal to help defend nature.

Climate disruption is the most extreme environmental danger of our age. It’s not the future, it is happening right now, in the place we call home. Together, we can defend nature against climate disruption and protect our precious natural world.

Support our appeal to help protect New Zealand's wildlife from climate disruption.