Water standards consultation a shambles

Forest & Bird is calling the Government’s consultation process for freshwater standards a complete shambles, in the face of new scientific analysis that shows the new proposed standard for swimmability is actually worse than the current standard.

The new analysis from NIWA has forced the Government to re-open public submissions.

“This whole process has been a shambles from start to finish,” says Forest & Bird’s Freshwater Advocate Annabeth Cohen.

“The proposed changes to the swimming standards were rooted in a marketing ploy, not scientific rigour.”

“This new analysis is an example of the scientific research that should be carried out before policy is made, not after submissions have closed.”

“The Government needs to improve the current standard for the acceptable level of E.coli in our rivers for swimming.”

“Our rivers and lakes are in crisis and time is ticking. The Government has all the evidence it needs and the public has made it clear that it wants real and urgent action,” says Ms Cohen.

“It’s time to get on with the urgent task of cleaning up our waterways, so they are both safe for swimming and ecologically healthy.”